Use this form to nominate any school/college/edtech company who you believe are doing something to make edtech more accessible to everyone regardless of gender, disability, religion, race, religious beliefs, pregnancy/maternity, age, financial situation, or anything else.

They do not have to be doing something right in every area - just in at least one! This could be to help their own staff, their customers (schools, students, or parents), or something within their school to promote great use of edtech to make a difference. 

There is no set criteria as such but we just ask that you only put forward someone because you believe they are really making a big difference, AND those who you think will be happy to share what they are doing publicly (although that is not a 'deal breaker' where it would be inappropriate to share details (where sensitive student or staff data is involved for example)

If you have any problems completing the forms then please email


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