A positive force for celebration and change

We are focused on celebrating the very best happening in educational technology (edtech) in the UK. (We hope to widen that out to worldwide in the future.)

We want to create a place to share the great work from both edtech companies and schools in one place. We want everyone who visits this site to pick up ideas and inspiration to keep moving edtech forward and make it accessible to everyone regardless of gender, home language, disability, religion, race, religious beliefs, pregnancy/maternity, age, financial situation, or anything else.

Maybe you know a school who has made great strides in improving the balance of genders taking Computer Science at A level? Or perhaps you know of a company who treats their staff really well? Maybe a piece of software or product which makes edtech more accessible to those with SEND in some way. Whatever it is, we want to hear about it

Chosen nominations will receive a Certificate of Commendation which is totally free of charge. We will offer them the chance to then showcase their school or company on our website so we can all learn from what they are doing to earn your nomination.

We know that no-one is perfect, but we believe strongly that we can learn from anyone. We also hope that by showcasing these strengths we can learn from each other and get one step closer to making edtech accessible for everyone. 

This project is brand new and has no funding (we just want to try and make a difference) so please bear with us as this website will gather content over time once our recipients start receiving their certificates.






Well...at the moment it's a team of one and we are keeping a low profile

This venture is a philanthropic project and we do not want it to be about who we are. We want it to be about who YOU are. We work in the edtech arena but have no affiliation to a particular company or organisation. This project is in no way linked to, or the responsibility of, our day job. This is a personal project which we (sorry it's just 'I' really but I hope to grow the team if it is a success) are really passionate about. We want companies to succeed where they are at least trying their hardest to make products and services which make a difference to schools, learners, and parents. We want schools to have the chance to see where good practice is happening so they can make connections, get ideas, and get inspired.

Edtech can encompass so much - for ICT coordinators often it simply means anything that plugs in or uses a device which plugs in. But it can make a difference in much bigger ways than we often realise. Seeing a student find their voice in the classroom through a text-to-speech add-on; or seeing a parent finally able to communicate with school due to a translation app; or witnessing the career progression of a teacher supported well through maternity leave and into more flexible working. All these things are possible with edtech. Companies can make all the difference with how they create their products AND through their values and how they work with their own staff. We want to share all of that and more so everyone knows of the possiblities. Rather than focus on what companies and schools may not do....we believe that by sharing the great stories we will make a bigger change than by sitting around picking on the gaps. We hope you will help us to share the love and promote all the best. Through this we will all become even better.


Nominate any UK school or company you think is doing something brilliant with edtech. We are focused on how edtech can be accessible to everyone regardless of gender, disability, religion, race, religious beliefs, pregnancy/maternity, age, financial situation, or anything else.

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